Civil Justice

We have worked on behalf of trade associations and individual businesses to improve California's civil justice system, including Prop. 64 adopted statewide by voters, as well as the first legislation dealing with abusive B&P Code Section 17200 lawsuits. Chris Micheli wrote a column for five years for The Daily Recorder, Sacramento's legal journal, authoring over 100 columns on civil justice reform issues.


Health Care

Aprea & Micheli has tremendous experience in the health care arena, having worked in this policy area for more than a dozen years, including lobbying at the Health & Human Services Agency and the Department of Health Care Services. We have represented individual companies, such as McKesson and Apria Healthcare, as well as state and national trade associations, including the California Ambulance Association and the Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA).


Information Technology

Aprea & Micheli is among the most experienced lobbying firms in the area of information technology and procurement.  We have been involved in every major piece of significant legislation affecting information technology since 1990.  The firm has represented Hewlett Packard and other technology companies for more than a decade.



The firm has worked extensively in the areas of auto, property/casualty, health, workers’ compensation, and life insurance over the past fifteen years. We have been privileged to represent Mercury Insurance Company for more than a dozen years, as well as past clients such as New York Life, the former HIAA, and Zenith Insurance.


Late in Session Legislation

Because of a quickly changing business climate or uncertainty created by a court decision, often a need arises for legislation late in the legislative year.  Aprea & Micheli has had considerable success in getting legislation through the legislative process late in the legislative session, while ensuring the statutory changes are thoroughly vetted.


Labor and Employment

Working on behalf of individual companies and major trade groups, including the California Grocers Association and the national Customized Logistics & Delivery Association, we have been involved in many of the key bills affecting labor and employment laws over the past few years. We have been successful in amending or defeating numerous bills that would have imposed significant financial burdens upon the business community.


Solid Waste and Recycling

Aprea & Micheli is among the most experienced lobbying firms in the area of solid waste and recycling. The firm has been involved in every major piece of significant solid waste and recycling legislation since 1990. The firm has represented Republic Services for more than 10 years.


Sports and Entertainment

Aprea & Micheli has been at the forefront of legislation promoting sports and entertainment in California for more than a decade. The firm has represented AEG, one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world, since 1999.  The firm led the lobbying effort to enact legislation in 2011 that provided AEG an expedited CEQA review process, enabling the construction of a football stadium in downtown Los Angeles. In addition, the firm has proposed successfully lobbied for legislation to expand the Outdoor Advertising Act and to promote major boxing events in California.


State and Local Taxation

Aprea & Micheli is the most experienced lobbying firm in the area of state and local taxation. The firm has represented PricewaterhouseCoopers for the past decade.  In addition, Aprea & Micheli has represented numerous clients before the Legislature, Franchise Tax Board, and State Board of Equalization on a myriad of state and local tax issues. Over the course of the past twenty years, we have been involved in all of the state legislation making significant tax law changes.



Aprea & Micheli has represented two of the largest transit agencies in the State of California including Orange County Transportation Authority for seven years and Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority for eight years. We have been involved in most of the major transit policy and funding issues during the last fifteen years. We also work regularly with the new Transportation Agency, as well as Caltrans, DMV, and CHP. We have represented the developers and operators of California's two privately-run toll roads, and assisted in legislation to sell one road to a public agency.



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