CEQA Exemption

In 2011, when AEG needed to expedite the CEQA process for the development of a football stadium in downtown Los Angeles (Farmers Field), Aprea & Micheli worked with Assembly Speaker John Pérez, Senate President pro tempore Darrell Steinberg, and Senator Alex Padilla to pass SB 292, expediting the CEQA review process for Farmers Field. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill in a ceremony outside the Los Angeles Convention Center.



DUI Pilot Project

On behalf of SmartStart of California, Aprea & Micheli played a key role in the passage of

AB 91 (Feuer) in 2009 that was the focus of a bill-signing ceremony by Governor Schwarzenegger, along with law enforcement, MADD, and other anti-drunk driving groups. This bill enacted a four county pilot project that requires the installation of ignition interlock devices on vehicles operated by first-time DUI offenders.


Electric Vehicles

In 2011, when electric vehicle service providers ChargePoint, ECOtality and BetterPlace needed to ensure investor owned utilities could not overturn the PUC’s decision to not regulate electric vehicle service providers, Aprea & Micheli worked with Assembly Member Fiona Ma to enact AB 631 to codify that PUC decision.


Enterprise Zones

Prior to their elimination at the end of 2013, we worked for fifteen years on promoting and protecting California’s Enterprise Zone Program, handling legislative, regulatory, and administrative issues. For MCIWorldCom, we were the lead lobbyist on AB 46 (Washington) in 2001, which resulted in three new competitively-bid enterprise zones in the state. AB 1550 (Arambula) in 2006 was considered a significant EZ reform package that our firm helped negotiate with numerous groups. Moreover, Aprea & Micheli's efforts on behalf of several industries over more than a decade resulted in the defeat of numerous bills that would have substantially reduced the benefits of the EZ Program or eliminated the program in its entirety.


Federal Tax Conformity

Our firm has played a significant role over the past twenty years in the major tax policy debates and legislation at the State Capitol, including all of the federal tax conformity bills.  For example, we were successful in handling the major tax conformity provisions of the following bills: SB 657 (Scott) and AB 1122 (Corbett) in 2002; AB 115 (Klehs) in 2005; and, SB 401 (Wolk) in 2010.  In addition, we have worked successfully on most of the major tax law changes enacted in California since 2003, including the major tax incentive packages enacted by SB 671 (Alquist) in 1993, the conference committee package developed by SB 38 (Lockyer) in 1996, the budget deals in AB 2798 (Machado) in 1998 and SB 858 (Budget Cmte) in 2010, among others.


Forestry Reform

Aprea & Micheli and their client, Humboldt Redwood Company, were key players in the passage of AB 1492 in 2012, a critical budget trailer bill that represented one of the most significant forestry industry bills in several decades. It also required a super-majority vote for passage through both houses of the Legislature.


Intellectual Property

Our firm has long been involved in legislation protecting intellectual property as we have worked in this area on behalf of motion picture companies, software makers, high-tech companies, and others.  For example, in AB 819 (Calderon) in 2010, we were successful in securing legislation on behalf of the movie industry to double the amount of the financial fines that can be assessed for violating any of California’s laws about recordings, such as records, discs, tapes, and films. Moreover, working with then-Assemblyman Jim Cunneen, we lobbied for three successive measures on behalf of SEMI, a national high-tech trade association, to address the theft and prosecution of intellectual property crimes.  This three-bill package included measures that expanded the definition of trade secrets; enhanced the penalties for receiving stolen property to address high-tech crimes; and, modified criminal procedures to increase the ability of prosecutors to pursue high-tech crimes.


Outdoor Advertising Act

The Senate Transportation and Housing Committee had for several years adopted a policy of not amending the California Outdoor Advertising Act.  In 2013, AEG and other sports venues sought greater advertising revenue to build and maintain sports arenas in California.  Aprea & Micheli gained an amendment to that policy and worked with Assembly Speaker John Pérez, Senate President pro tempore Darrell Steinberg, Senator Alex Padilla, and Governor Jerry Brown to enact SB 31, creating flexibility for arenas and stadiums to advertise more broadly under the Act.



Aprea & Micheli, working with Assembly Member Nancy Skinner, developed a medical community coalition to join their client, McKesson Corporation, and gain the enactment of AB 439 in 2012.  This measure amended the California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act allowing for judicial discretion, instead of imposing a fine of $1,000 per individual violation for any inadvertent disclosure of personal medical information without regard to whether there was an actual risk of harm to the individual.



In 2004, when Scientific Games sought to win the California Lottery printing and marketing contract, they hired our firm to develop and implement a winning procurement strategy that led to Scientific Games winning that contract.



In 2009, the Humboldt Redwood Company discovered that the California Legislature had in 2008 retroactively eliminated the net operating loss deduction, thereby undermining the economics of the purchase of the Pacific Lumber Company. Aprea & Micheli developed and successfully implemented a strategy to gain the enactment of a statutory change within the 2010-11 state budget to restore the multi million dollar net operating loss deduction for HRC.



Transportation Funding

In 2008, for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Aprea & Micheli helped secured passage of SB 1422 (Ridley-Thomas), which utilized $200 million in federal transit funding to establish two high-occupancy toll lanes in Los Angeles County. In addition, AB 2321 (Feuer) and AB 1446 (Feuer) placed on the county ballot an additional half-cent sales tax in LA County dedicated to transportation and highway project funding. We also were the lead on making permanent the Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) program, and increasing its funding by more than $10 million on an ongoing basis. We were responsible for protecting OCTA from losing substantial sums of funding based upon a State Board of Equalization (SBE) regulation, and later on a legislative proposal to make OCTA pay more to the SBE for administering Measure M, Orange County’s local transportation sales tax measure.



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